Have Chroic Acne? Two ingredients you do NOT want to useand ONE you DO!

It may sound a little strange but SKIN  s the largest and a very important organ we have.

Skin provides protections for most of our other internal organs, helps to regulate body temperature and our water content, keeps away harmful agents and even bacteria

Skin is also an important part of who we are, our personal ID card, so sometime it is a source of pride and happiness and sometime-a trouble maker

When It Comes To Acne-Prone Skin, What Are The Do’S And Don’Ts?
Acne is a skin condition that often affects those who are just beginning their adolescence. But Acne can also appear throughout adulthood. But it doesn’t have to be this way for either phase of life. Here are some helpful guidelines for those with Acne-prone skin which could help prevent acne or benefit your skin to prevent a recurrence of skin condition.
How Do We Know The Path To Clear Skin

We all know the universal struggle of having clear, flawless skin - but how do we know the path to clear skin if we don’t know what’s causing our acne?

The causes of acne and breakouts can be sorted into two main causes - internal and external.

Stress And Acne – What To Do About It
Imagine waking up from your morning slumber and knowing that you have that school prom, that date, or a special event later that evening. You head to the mirror and see the zit on your chin. You see another on your cheek. You freak out, and you try to mask it with something, like make-up or a cream. You hope it vanishes by the time of the special event. You get stressed over it. It seems to get worse. This is familiar in many households, even on a daily basis.