Being a teenager does come with its fair share of pros and cons. The first love. The first kiss. The first dates. Then when you add the world of fashion, beauty, reality TV, and social media, the teen world can get pretty confusing. Then when acne and pimples appear, it can get disappointing. Teen Acne is something that is very common, especially with the changing hormones and stresses that can plague them.  This is the time where image may be everything, and looking their best is crucial. But does it have to be this way? No, as AcnEase can help teens through the progression of teen acne to the maintenance of post acne. It’s back to the basics of skin care and health from the inside.
How to Treat Acne According to Your Skin Type

Did you know that the type of skin you have can influence the type of acne that you have, and how to treat it? Topical treatments have never been one-size-fits all, and it's important to understand your skin type to treat it properly.

While AcnEase is designed to work for all skin types, there are a couple of extra steps that you can take to ensure that your skin is happy and healthy from the inside out that totally depend on your skin type. Your skin type is usually a result of your genetics, but in extreme cases, it can be induced by using the incorrect products for your skin!

How to Get Rid of Body Acne

The truth about acne is that it can develop anywhere on the body where there are sebaceous glands. While the most common (and visible!) area affected by acne is the face, some of us know by personal experience where else acne can erupt—like the shoulders, back, chest, and even on your backside. Yes, for real—that’s not a joke! Back acne is so common it even has its own terminology, bacne.

That aside, we all know the feeling of wanting to hide parts of our body because of body acne—but that’s sometimes better said than done, especially in the hotter months. So what can you do when you don’t want to be embarrassed by how your back, chest, or shoulders look?