Acne isn’t in charge of your teenage years — Mild Acne Treatment
If you have ever been embarrassed to post your photos on social media because of your acne, or you have edited or cropped a photo to try and hide your acne, you are not alone. 50% of teens who use social media and have had acne say they have done the same. Acne is common among both men and women of all ages, but even more so among teenagers. This is because teenagers experience hormonal changes at puberty, which upset the delicate balance of hormones in the body and cause acne.
Male Hormonal Acne – Not Just Under Your Skin
For those who have experienced any form of acne and pimples, it isn’t fun. Thinking a volcano is on your face, with everyone looking to see, one would get a bit self-conscious. With important life events, such as dating, school photos, or becoming an adult at 21, some younger men may think they have by-passed the usual teenage curse, even with its raging hormones, but then they see themselves struck with something that can be a confidence knocking experience. It’s the adult acne that is quite common for males. Lifestyle choices may heighten the acne and pimple breakouts, but hormones can contribute. But why?
Is There A Link Between Diet and Cystic Acne

Have you ever wondered to think if it’s a myth or not that chocolate causes zits? The link between diet and acne isn’t clearly understood—at least, not yet. There’s no doubt that what we eat affects our whole bodies, skin included, but is it really as simple as a chocolate bar or can of soda causing new breakouts the next day? 

And that’s not even going into how intense some people’s skin seems to react to certain foods. While the correlation isn’t fully established, a growing number of people claim that particular food groups don’t just break them out—they’re the direct cause of cystic acne.