Why Athletes Are More Prone to Body Acne
There seems to be a super-frustrating trade-off for gym junkies like me who love working out. Hear me out—I'm proud of my physique, but the thing is, working out on the regular is directly related to how much body acne I'm dealing with. My only comfort? I know I'm not alone! Almost any person that works out—whether it's yoga, cycling, or weightlifting—KNOWS that there are going to be pimples that pop up on their chest, back or even on their bum, depending on the sport they do.
As the sun has set on Summer, your skin is now trying to deal with the season changes of Fall. Different environment, different foods, change of lifestyle. Nothing much may bloom in Fall, but pimples and acne may be the exception. Fall does present its own challenges in fighting acne, or breakouts. In Summer, humidity would keep the skin hydrated as the air would be moist. But as Fall has hit the ground running, the outside air is colder and dryer. We spend more time indoors, where the heating is also dry. Skin may become irritated. Breakouts and acne may occur. But it does not need to be this way.