AcnEase Treatment Programs

Choosing Your Proper Treatment

The AcnEase formula combines our knowledge of Western Medicine with principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. AcnEase works to overcome the imbalances within your body that cause acne. AcnEase not only treats your current acne outbreak, but also prevents new acne from reappearing.

To achieve best results, the recommended dose must correspond with the length and severity of your symptoms and your body weight. Through testing and experience, we've established the optimal number of the small, easy-to swallow tablets needed on a daily basis for best results. This customized regimen is captured in our different treatment options.

Choose the best treatment option for your symptoms, and don't worry because your results are guaranteed.

Who Should Use AcnEase

Primary Benefits of AcnEase Treatment

  • Acne will disappear, and after a full course of therapy is completed, acne should not reappear for a significant period of time. In addition, use of a maintenance dose has been demonstrated to limit the recurrence of acne.
  • Cysts will heal
  • The number of blackheads and whiteheads will significantly diminish

Additional Benefits

  • Skin will look more clear and luminous.
  • Acne marks (scars) will slowly fade
  • Hair will improve, and if hair loss is due to overproduction of androgen, the loss will be contained
  • Overly dry or greasy hair will regain balance
  • For those who smoke, the skin will clear and regain a healthy look

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